Project Guide

Each project will have the following Tabbed menu system:

Concept Requirements Design Legal Builders Prototypes Media Documentation Tasks Suggestions Discussion


  • Concept - Details for the innovation concept.
  • Premises - The premises used to come up with the innovation.


  • Requirements - The requirements for the innovation to work, or to be unique. Similar to "claims" in a patent.
  • Purpose - The purpose for the innovation.


  • Description - A description of the innovation and design.
  • Diagrams - Diagrams, pictures, animations, or circuits of the innovation


  • Intellectual Property Check - A list references to Intellectual Property such as patents, which may be considered similar or infringed upon with this innovation.
  • Similar Innovations - A list references to similar ideas from others, such as existing Open Source projects.
  • Unique Innovation - Is the innovation considered unique? Yes/No
  • Commercial Users - A table of commercial users of the innovation, listing royalties paid.
  • Sponsored Builder's - A table of builders who have been sponsored to build the innovation.
  • Open Innovation License - The copyright license for using a project.


  • Builders - A place for Builders to promote themselves, by showing qualifications and/or previous projects that have been built.
  • Tenders - A place for Builders to place tenders for sponsorship, to build a project.


  • Prototypes - A list of the of the various versions of prototypes for the innovation that have been built, may have Photos, Diagrams and Descriptions. May contain links to other projects that were derived from the current project.


  • Media - More detailed Photos or Videos of various prototypes for the innovation.


  • Documentation - Detailed documentation on how to build the innovation, including modifications for different versions.


  • Tasks - A list of things that still need to be done for the innovation to become "Commercially viable".


  • Suggestions - A place for anyone to make suggestions on how to help improve or develop the innovation.


  • Discussion - A place for anyone to communicate openly with each other on the development of the innovation. (Please keep on subject and about the innovation project, and not about personalities.)