This website is a Wiki based site that anyone can contribute to. From inventors to investors, technicians, builders and manufactures who want to make an innovation become a reality. Open Innovation and research means many people can have input into an innovation or research project and see it developed much faster than it would have otherwise.



Many patents are registered worldwide each year, but do not make it to market, often through lack of resources, including time or money. Also the invention may need further development, issues sorted out and manufacturing methods worked out before it is ready for businesses to invest in the invention. One way to get your invention out there is to share your ideas with the world through an Open Innovation approach (and you can still have your innovation covered by a patent).

All projects on this site are based on the Open Source approach, BUT you must still take notice of copyright licenses. It means Projects must NOT infringe on current patents. It also means a patent cannot be applied for when it is based on the information on this site, as it has already been made public. (We have endevoured to make it clear when projects are made public on this website.) Patents that have expired may also be used in a project as long as the patent is referred to on the Legal Page of a Project. (You should also get permission from the person who owned the patent, as copyright can still apply.)

The purpose of the Open Innovation and Research website is for anyone to:

  1. Contribute to open and public innovation and research.
  2. Develop innovations.
  3. Build and replicate innovations.
  4. Test innovations.
  5. Make suggestions.
  6. Get innovations "market ready".

Please have a look at the projects on this site and Add your own Innovation today!

This site is covered by the Open Innovation License